how to edit map

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where i find a link to download a map editor or how i edit a map
There is a work-in-progress map editor that the Donut Team are currently working on. It isn't public yet, however you could use the Blender map data editor, developed by Weasel on a Stick#17314 .
Hope this satisfies your question!
You have asked this before on a previous post.
Jesus f****** Christ. These ChOo cHoO ReSiStAnCe posts are more annoying than the posts they're responding to.
Went ahead and moved this from the Feedback & Suggestions subforum to SHAR: Support. The former section of the forums is perhaps better suited for feedback on the website as a whole, or how to improve tools. SHAR: Support seems a bit more appropriate for asking for help with custom maps.

But yeah, Weasel's map data editor that maz pointed out is your best bet! Going to go ahead and lock this since this thread basically serves the same point of the previous thread that was created earlier. Please try to refrain from creating the same topic. If you have any further questions on how to use the map editor, please be sure to use the older thread linked earlier or check out our Discord server for assistance!