Prison bus

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Remember that time Lisa took the wrong bus?
Well, she took it again.
Just decided to post one more of the vehicles I had laying around my pc in case people might need this at some point when making another one of the classical police/cop mods. Chase it, explode it, do whatever you want to this bus, crediting me is not compulsory, but it'd be very appreciated if you do so.
To run this mod with your own rewards file, you must make sure the amount of cars you have doesn't go past or at the limit. You could also just decompile it and take the assets out & use them in your mods.
I might make a pack of all my vehicles at some point, before starting to make any mod missions. Trying to think of an idea for now so expect more things from me from now on.
Download here
where do i get the reewards file an dhow do i use it
(Went ahead and deleted the topic that previously asked this question as I didn’t want to clutter up the forums with locked threads - apologies to those confused by the decision/sudden disappearance of the thread!)

You should just be able to take the rewards file out of the mod (located in scripts/missions/rewards.mfk), and paste it into your own! You can also copy the appropriate car P3Ds, sound scripts, and edits to the rewards.mfk and merge them with your mod as well.