Donut Mod 2: General Information (Version 2.0.4)

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Donut Mod 2 is the second version of Donut Mod from way back in February 2014.

We're now open sourcing it so our newer players can learn where it all started and look back at our earliest work as a team.

We do not recommend using this mod as a template, as this mod has inherit flaws with how it works.


2.0.4 Changelog
  • Fixed an issue on L1M7 where a debug output was shown on screen

2.0.3 Changelog
For the most part, this release is largely unchanged from the last public release of Donut Mod 2. There are a couple changes though so here's the breakdown.
  • Donut Mod 2: The Lost Update
    • The following changes were made in February 2014, but were never before released:
    • Added Secret Easter Egg to L1C1
    • Added 10 New Blackjacket Wasps
    • Added 2 New Gags
    • Updated Card View GUI
    • Removed New Buzz Cola Crates
    • Updated "Heart of the Bonestorm"
    • Updated "Hillbilly Housework"
    • Fixed 3 Blackjacket Wasps
  • Miscellaneous
    • Made this mod decompilable
    • Updated all text referring to "Donut Team Studios" to "Donut Team"
    • Updated all text referring to "" to ""
    • Removed "NoCheats" from the required hack list.
    • Removed "CheatKeys" from the conflicting mods list.
    • Removed "NoJumpLimit" from the conflicting mods list.
    • Removed "NoTraffic" from the conflicting mods list.
    • Removed empty files for Level 3
      • Side note: I'm under the impression someone created these files right before the mod was archived. Because of this, I've simply removed the empty files rather than ship with something that demonstrates absolutely nothing.
  • User Interface
    • Added a warning when finishing a mission to save the game.

2.0.2 Changelog
  • Removed "MustActionTrigger" from L1M4 Van Chase.
  • Removed "MustActionTrigger" from L1M5 Van Chase.
  • Removed extra "RESET_TO_HERE" to here call in L1M6.
  • Temp-Fixed Larry the Looter Gag (Occluded FMV until we figure out what's up with movies)
  • Fixed "Heart of the Bonestorm" Ending Crash
  • Added "car_icon" HUD Icon to L1M4.

2.0.1 Changelog
  • Fixed a bug causing the game crashing on start.

2.0.0 Changelog
  • Initial Release


What's up with all of the unused files in this version?
These are the remnants of unfinished content from this version of the mod. There is no plans to restore this content in this release and there are there purely for preservation purposes. If you're interested in restoring any of it yourself, feel free to do so.

Why does it crash before/during/after _________?
Donut Mod 2 is a highly unstable mod. We've done our best to restore the mod faithfully and make it possible to play without crashing, but because of how Donut Mod 2 works, this is incredibly difficult to verify.

Report any problems with as much details as possible.

Why did Donut Team choose to remove this mod in the past?
Donut Mod 2 is something at the time we were very proud of, but quickly began to hate due to how it was developed and the amount of randomness that caused missions to be difficult to learn and play.

We made several mistakes in DM2:
  • Missions have too much variance, causing players to have difficulties learning routes and how to play the mission.
  • Mission variance also makes it so us as developers have difficulty tracking down bugs when something happens. This is because multiple parts of the mission can be completely random, so you may get 8 cans of cola to collect, but the health of the vehicle you're destroying is absurdly high.
  • We used an incorrect file path format that causes corruption in early days. Nowadays, we're able to use CustomLimits to avoid this corruption.
  • We're using too much memory with certain files causing corruption. Nowadays, we're able to use CustomLimits to avoid this corruption.

The reason we're willing to share it now is because we feel while it was a complete disaster of development, it is an important stepping stone in our history.


New warning telling you to save:


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Posted 2 years ago · Edited 2 years ago
Hi, I had a quick gameplay in the last days, however, I found some leftover things that could be quickly fixed into a final build 2.0.5:

  • In the initial "loading saved game files" screen in the downer-right part there is a leftover yellow border frame that is totally out of place. I tried to remove it on my own but I still can't figure out how.
  • The version number on top of the the pause menu and in the initial "loading saved game files" still shows version 2.0.3.
  • Flanders' Station Wagon uses the DM3 model, but the phonebooth icon and the shop preview still show the DM2 version. I suggest just quickly replacing it with the original variant of the vehicle instead, which still stays in the files. The DM2 variant also has a camera issue that makes the far camera look like the near camera.
  • Finally, the Classic Family Sedan phonebooth icon looked horrible (😂) and thus I made it a bit better, stretching and polishing it, even though it still has lower quality than other icons, as the un-edited one. Here is the icon I made:

- Normal
- Damaged

Hope not to be boring/obsessing with my perfectionism (😂), and have a nice day!
The version number on top of the the pause menu and in the initial "loading saved game files" still shows version 2.0.3.
You must have downloaded the version we pushed by accident. I believe we re-uploaded 2.0.4 with this fixed, however if it is still like that, i'll take another look.
Okay, thanks, I downloaded the mod again and the problem is fixed.