Crazy Taxi

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Its time to make some crazy money! A Crazy Taxi experince inside of The Simpsons Hit & Run using the city map by Weasel on a stick

Map retexture by xUnknown and additional help from MAFFY and JoshuaL.


  • A Crazy Taxi arcade mode
  • 3 Street races
  • 4 ported vehicles
  • 3 Custom crazy taxi cosplay outfits

How to play

The Crazy Taxi mode is randomised, there are over 100 combined locations.

When your light is on, that means your taxi is in service and means you need to find a passenger, your passenger will have a coloured ring around them.

If they have an orange ring around them, that means they have a normal sized trip, so the fare will be average. If they have a green ring around them it means they have a shorter trip, so the fare will be cheaper and you will have less time. If they have a red ring it means they have a longer journey so the fare will be more expensive and you will be given more time.

You need to try and deliver as many passengers as you can before you run out of time. You can either follow the arrows and radar for the legal route or use your initiative to find shortcuts and save time.


Time setting
This rules how many seconds you start a shift with, by default is 50. If you set this too high you will earn less fare, if you set it lower you will earn more fare.

Time difficulty
This rules how generous your time gain per journey is, by default is 4. 0 is easiest and 8 is hardest.

Traffic difficulty
This rules how much traffic there is during a shift, by default is 4. 0 is no traffic and 8 is alot of traffic.

Sunday drive
Having this enabled means you will not have a timer during a shift and can go at your own pace however you will not earn any fare.

No green journeys
Having this enabled means you will not have any short journeys, only orange and red,

No red journeys
Having this enabled means you will not have any long journeys, only orange and green,

Having this enabled will give you an extra challenge, you will have to do your shift with tornadoes constantly targetting you,

Tornado level
This can be set the difficulty of the tornadoes. Crazy or Insane being challenging and especcialy challenging respectively.

Time trial
Having this enabled will mean you will be timed on how quick you can transport 3, 5, 10 or 15 passengers. You will not earn any fare with this enabled,

Time trial length
Choose how many passengers you need to export for the time trial,

Show seed
This will make a pop up appear on screen showing you the seed that the shift will use, This is not recommended if you are not in windowed mode since it will unfocus the game, the seed is also logged in the console.

Seed setting
Having this set to Random means that your shift will be different every time. Having this set to Rule means you set the seed that shift will use.


This mod uses the original soundtrack from Crazy Taxi.
  • Bad Religion - Hear It
  • Bad Religion - Inner Logic
  • Bad Religion - Ten in 2010
  • Bad Religion - Them and Us
  • The Offspring - All I Want
  • The Offspring - Americana
  • The Offspring - Change the World
  • The Offspring - Come Out Swinging
  • The Offspring - No Brakes
  • The Offspring - Way Down the Line


  • Support for International versions of the game
  • Fixed bug where starting a streetrace would cause a softlock
  • Added optional tornadoes
  • Passengers will now cheer and hurry you from the back of the car
  • Passengers will now shout for your taxi while they are waiting to be collected
  • Added time trial mode
  • Updated collision to the latest version if the big city map
  • Decreased Gus' Taxi "Normal Steering" to 120
  • Optimised all taxi's P3D files
  • Actually fixed Gus' follow camera
  • Fixed B.D.Joe's Taxi having wrong envirnment map
  • Added No green setting
  • Added No red setting
  • Added New Song "Come Out Swinging"
The day one patch
  • Destination zones can no longer be the same zone as the pickup zone
  • Replaced locations of zone 7 to be more accomplishable
  • Fixed Stage Message Index's in streetraces for "Talk to Patty and Selma." being set to wrong index
  • Removed unrelated polygons underneath Axel's Taxi
  • Increased the "Tire Grip" of Gena's Taxi to 15
  • Incresed the "Top Speed" of Gena's Taxi to 140
  • Adjusted Axel's Taxi's Shadow
  • Adjusted B.D.Joe's Taxi's Shadow
  • Adjusted Gena's Taxi's Shadow
  • Adjusted Gus' Taxi's Shadow
  • Fixed Axel's Taxi's on foot collision
  • Fixed Axel's Taxi follow camera
  • Fixed B.D.Joe's Taxi follow camera
  • Fixed Gena's Taxi follow camera
  • Fixed Gus' Taxi follow camera
  • Readded certain easter egg charcters which were removed before 1.0 due to permissions


Would have still preferred a Gena costume for Homer but other than that I enjoyed playing it.
Knocked it out of the park with this one.
This I gotta try it. :)
Oh damn I definitely gotta try this one
this sounds amazing! I absolutely have to try this
alright time for sega to sue Simpsons hit and run mods great mod tho
Updated to version 1.1
  • Added tornadoes for extra difficulty which you can enable in the settings. Inspired by certain Crazy X challenges from Crazy Taxi 3 where you have to deliver passengers with tornadoes chasing you. They use Hit and Run but dont worry, you can not get "caught" since it is disabled in CTA
  • Added Time trial setting, I would have ported the Work for x minutes from CT but it didnt work well in SHAR so I compromised with this
  • Passengers are now waay more lively, they will cheer and point you from the back of the car and now call for you
  • Added a new song
  • Other features, check 1.1 changelog on thread for the rest
Just got to play the mod today and I loved it! Them daredevil challenges & the classic taxi concept are lovely
could you put the link into google drive pls?