SHAR, but... [Plot alteration type thread]

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The other day I came up with a random idea which lead to a series of thoughts. What if SHAR's plot happened, but... [Insert alteration here]?. Post any of these such ideas here. Mine in particular is below.

... Bonestorm II never released?
If Bonestorm II never releases, or at least doesn't release around that time period, Homer can never get side-tracked by Marge into stopping its distribution. Therefore he doesn't arrive at the Power Plant as late and Smithers doesn't drive off to warn Mr. Burns. Homer would likely still get to Burns at the end of the day, though.

Bart never goes on search for the game downtown, or skips school. He never meets Frink to help build Truckasaurus and so doesn't get abducted by Kang and Kodos. Lisa can't look for someone who isn't missing, and Marge can't get annoyed at the Buzz Cola in order to try to stop its distribution and make Apu eventually discover the whole conspiracy (and in turn, Bart as well). Bart fails to stop Krusty's promotion or the laser gun distribution since he is unaware, and Level 7 doesn't happen on a large scale or at all as all of Springfield are dead (then again, the awakened dead might move to another town?).
Sounds like fun 👀
Gonna contribute a little

...Bart fails to destroy the laser gun stands in time (aka Sunset Beyound Springfield's plot that ended up being unused)

If that were to happen - Kang and Kodos must've likely carried on with their plan to distribute laser guns around the town which results in cola-drunken townspeople destroying half the city in process.
As a result, Bart would try to find the aliens' hideout and stop them once and for all.
Most likely, Frink would help him in order to track down Kang and Kodos. Potentially, brainwashed citizens would also try and prevent the duo from doing that.
In the end I think the level would get prolonged by a couple of extra missions. Near the end, Bart would still meet Homer, they would still try to chase down the aliens to the brewery, discover their water-poisoning plans, but instead of driving back to the Evergreen Terrace like in the original, seeing all the damage the aliens done to the city - they would try to prevent that somehow, since the laser guns are one thing, but zombies with laser guns is a totally different story.

Anyways, Homer and Bart would try to either clog the pipes or somehow damage them to stop cola from spreading, but alas, something goes wrong and the ocean consumes Homer.
Level 7 would probably still occur, but being more dark and dramatic, as Bart (or any other family member, perhaps, Abe?) would be all alone on his quest to destroy the UFO and bring an end to Foolish Earthlings. Oh, and the city is even more destroyed and Halloweenized than in the original, again, thanks to the laser guns.

If we take Bart or any other family member(except Abe( as a playable character - the game would probably end well, with the exception of, well, Homer being missing or smth.
The level would progress as usual, but the missions would be much harder. Bart still finds Frink through the alien car, still delivers four barrels of nuclear waste onto the ship and blows it up. Except there may be no L7M4, since Bart is a bit smarter than his father, so he'd figure out the nuclear waste "storage" by himself, without Lisa's help, making L7 shorter.

If we take Abe as a playable character - don't really think it's gonna end positively.
Let's assume the characters that you drive with to deliver the waste sacrifice themselves, so, Abe would do the same.
The level progresses as usual until the first Autotopsy mission, where Abe just straight up explodes himself in the UFO. 2 barrels aren't enough, and no one knows what to do, basically. This allows aliens to continue ravaging the city until the show drops down in raitings again or everyone dies.

tl;dr edition - Aliens continue to give out laser guns, 🦀 the city is gone, Homer is gone 🦀. If Bart is playable on L7 - happy end imminent, if Abe is playable on L7 - happy end impossible.
Fun thing you two doing there.

Speaking of which I kinda wanna say some ideas too.
What if Krusty would be the protagonist on the 7th level?
Taking on the responsibility to save the city, since he sold the lasers. For the plot, Krusty could have new interior - Krusty burger - where we would have to start the mission and have a clothing store and a later point in the story (which I'll talk about).
We could have Krusty contact Frink and find a way to cure the zombies (we never get to see how they get cured in the main game after level 7 or if they even do so.), which would serve us as the first mission.
Then we could have a mission in which, Krusty could just advertise to the zombies that (we assume) still drink cola, to buy some other drink with the antidote.

To get Krusty destroy the UFO, we could have Mr.Burns having a "last meal" before leaving town, which would be Mr.Burns and Smithers arrive to Krusty Burger and Krusty "vents" how he wants to escape this world, Burns then saying he might have the solution and tells him about the nuclear waste.

Now as Krusty knows about the nuclear waste, he uses 3 cars (either 3 drivers or krusty company cars) and the ufo has one last "life". Next missions could focus on krusty going to the nuclear waste to get the last barrel but an alien vehicle took it and was about to throw it into the fire-tire so krusty has to quickly destroy the vehicle and get the barrel.

In this ending, we could have only Krusty that is gone (and 3 drivers if he is using others' cars and not the company) when the UFO crash happens or we could have Krusty escaping.
What if there was'nt Rigellians?
Nobody uses wasp cameras with black vans for survelliance and TV show cuts. Nobody makes "New and improved" Buzz Cola. Nobody tries to sale laser guns for free. Nobody creates Zombie Apocalypsis and everyone lived happy.
I like how that basically means Hit & Run would’ve ended right after Blind Big Brother.

What if Marge never found the cure for Bart?

This seems like a fairly interesting concept. What would happen if the crop circle that Abe saw ages ago was never created by the Rigellians? This would’ve led to Marge never getting the idea of showing Bart the Buzz Cola logo to see if it snaps him out of his trance, so Bart would’ve been stuck in a weird limbo state for the entire game. Consequently, the whole Buzz Cola ‘reveal’ wouldn’t really gappen, so she’d have no reason to complain about the cola to Apu (meaning he never gets involved).

I guess it would sort of lead to an alternate slightly darker plot line where it’s mostly about the remaining Simpson’s family members trying to piece something together from the weird events popping up over town just to get some closure for their little hellion. Maybe eventually they’d find out the aliens plan, but uh...who’s to say they manage to figure it out in time? And even then, Apu and Bart definitely wouldn’t be getting involved.

,,,It is also possible Bart just eventually sees the logo on like...literally any promotional material and snaps out of it, before spending the rest of the game at the Noiseland Arcade. Forget stopping the aliens, this takeover sounds pretty rad!