Ed Boys in Springfield (Play as the Ed's and more with voices)

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Time to scam Springfield with 6 playable characters from Ed, Edd, N Eddy! Just in time for the 22nd Anniversary!

Ride around and play the whole game of Simpsons: Hit & Run with these 6 new fully voiced characters.

- 6 Playable characters (Ed, Edd/Double D, Eddy, Rolf, Kevin and hmmm....?)
- All characters come packed with voiced quotes and dialogue
- Double D and Rolf are assigned to drive more appropriate vehicles (Double D the Nerd Car and Rolf with Willie's Tractor)
- Swap out to play as any character at all in game interior locations on all levels



Future Plans
- More characters (with voices)
- Cars
- Custom Music
- Maybe a map with missions (will need big help with this one)

All dialog used is a mix of voice collections, rips from Sounds Resource, and ones recorded by me.
Credit to Nightbane for rigging the Ed models. Other models were rigged by me. Thanks to Durtvan for making the 2 seated Tractor.

wow.. awesome work for your first mod. will look forward to see more!
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Awesome work for your first mod and absolutely amazing promotional thread you got here.
Oh hell yeah can't wait to play this!
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Posted 7 months ago · Edited 7 months ago
can we get an update of this mod? like creating a voice pack mod of the amazing world of gumball