Project: Hit And Run Remake

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"Project: remake", the goal is to recreate the entirety of the simpson's hit and run but with more modern improvements.

The entire project was started as a little quarantine projects at the very begging of 2021 now i have a lot of time to spare, will be posting more updates as things are added and polished and would love feed back and suggestions.

Any ideas with high upvotes will be seriously considered as i would love to get some community ideas implemented.


new screenshot, character controller is mostly finished needs polishing and started to layout the level.
Added New screenshots, currently using original model and animation (No Time To Finish New Model)


character test, very early iteration.

content in links above! all an early work in progress.
Is there a tryable verison?
hi, there isn't currently a fully playable version as it has been in development for a little less than a week.
i will post more screenshots of the town as it's starts to come together and some videos too. as for a playable version i will post one as soon as it is possible, i will try to post new daily images and updates and would love to take any comments and feedback and will try to answer any questions.
The models and texture work look pretty great for something you started up during quarantine! Good job! I especially dig the texture work since it gives me off so celshaded vibes. My only real critique of the texture work is that the Krusty Glass’ coloring looks a bit strange. Almost as if it’s too saturated? I think it’s because the blue stands out less more and there’s no yellow bolding on the can’s letters.

And eh, some questions too I suppose:

  • Do levels still plan on being separated from one another, or might you attempt to make a whole combined map ala Colou’s mod?
  • If it’s being combined, how do you plan on addressing the Level format? Would stuff like all Wasps be available to destroy as soon as the player begins, or would the player have to progress into the story to get those wasps to spawn?
  • Any features or conveniences from the original you’re thinking of throwing in here?

Remaking a game like this from the ground up is hard work, but the assets look pretty good and I wish you all the best!
kenny, thanks for your comments. i'm pleased that you like the art style i agree with the washed out colours and have already edited the texture of the glass before i posted the screenshot, it is not final as i'm still debating off i should keep that with improvements or have a rendered krusty holding the can.

as for the levels, the plan is to fully connects all of the zones but with improvement to how the map would flow meaning most of the mission structures will pretty much be the same but with some tweaking to the timers while expanding arrears with new buildings and locations in the show. for example the industrial district in level 1 would have things along the springfield river like the little lisa recycling plant.

as for wasps and collectibles. i'm thinking wasps will be in all locations and respawn over time and will not count towards collectible progression.

with collectors cards i would like them to spawn in the same locations depending on what level and character you use similar to the original but with new sets that reference newer episodes and the movie.

there will also be new gags on top of the old ones that will pay homage to newer tv moments and moments from the simpsons movie, no spoilers but one i'm excited about is maggie and her sandbox... if you seen the movie you will understand.
added a video of the experimental character controller all very early and work in progress.

nothing is final.
This is awesome! you could re-use all the assets from the game, change the textures maybe, for a remake personally i would love it to be as accurate as possible, using as many assets as possible (even the original game files maybe) so modding is possible and such

Great work though, cant wait to see where this goes
hi xUnknown, thanks for your kind words. i'm trying to not use any assets from the game and recreate them all apart from the audio as time consuming as modelling and animating everything is and i'm trying to capture the feeling of the original levels as much as possible.

with regards to modding i have thought a little about mod integration and perhaps making a tool, but that won't come until much much later into the project. for now i am just keeping the code clean and well commented so i will probably just end up releasing the entire project files with all the source code, rigs and models on github for people to play with.
Really looking forward for this.

Also, you are doing this fully by yourself or are you being helped? just asking.
Scratchy hi, it's all currently my own work currently. i'm enjoying the process though which is good i suppose and i'm glad there's people out there that's looking forward to playing it :).