Ooze & Booze in Springfield (Campaign Mod Announcement)

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Ahoy! Time to release another mod, shall I?

A new and original story

Homer finishes his work day but before heading home, he must get rid of the garbage around his office and throws it in a nuclear waste barrel. He then decides to throw that in the lake and from there people start hating him. Will Homer regain his dignity?


Download link - Mega

Looks good by the screenshots
Looks very nice, looking forward to playing it
when it will released
can be the beta tester?
when it will released
I am hoping some time soon, I've taken a small break because of some personal issues, but I'm not giving up on it.
Most likely this month, since most of the work is already done.

can be the beta tester?
Right now I have a bunch of people that have tested it for me, sadly they got nothing to test for a while.
This looks good so far.
Just a question: does this use Colou's Connected Map?
Yes, it does use Colou's Connected map.
how many cars in this mod
arena mode looks cool im looking forward to see what that is about