RolePlay Expansion Mod- ask

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btw about mission modding how do you incorporate around multiplayer. because normally when you join a game vanilla or modded no mission markers exist
Unfortuantely atm there is not a way to have missions on multiplayer, its purely freeroam and roleplay. The closest thing to any sort of game mode to my knowdlege is the boxing day mod I think Colou is working on some sort of prop hunt mod but idk if hes still working on that.

and also all these software what is the recommended specs as I am running a cheap 4gb ram set up
Blenders minimum reuqiremnts is 4gb of ram, so you shouldnt have too much difficutly as long as you lower the render distance and other settings maybe
I hope a can extract the multiplayer compatibility and whatever code at a later date. I am firstly going to focus on Characters, Maps and Vechals if anyone has some awesome models that your happy to share I will put those in to with credits on the website and on Springfield Shoppers(the newspaper on loading screens)
I don't understand the DirectX error that occurs, I am running 12