Donut Team Status Update: Ask Us Anything #2

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We're hosting an Ask Us Anything in the February 2021 Status Update.

Questions can pertain to any topic from our releases, mods, our thoughts on a community release, the website, what that smell is-- anything!

Questions must be submitted on this thread and before February 1st, 2021. We will answer any and all questions in the February 2021 Status Update.

Throw soft balls or completely knock us on our ass, ask us anything.

Jake Andreøli
Community Director
There was a period where the connected map really blew up online and there was around 100 new members joining every day. Will there be any major changes on the implication that dt is quickly growing? I joined in 2018 and was the 4000th user, there is now over 27,000+ users, that means out of the 7 years dt has been going, in the past 2 years there has been 23,000 + members, as an oppose to the 4,000 members it accumulated in 5 years. Will moderation change, the cost of running things increase meaning more anime ads / donation pages, the rules on what can and cant be in mods such as copyrighted music, etc. ?

Do you guys plan on releasing an update for Road Rage Returns and a fourth level to continue the story?
Do you plan on adding more themes to the website? Like you can change the colors to green and black, have an image at the background, etc.
What is your inspiration for creating the Donut Team? If the question has already been answered before, Nothing happens. Regards!
¿ When will the SHAR Multiplayer be released to the public again ?
Got three questions
1. Are there any new hacks or modding tools in development/planned? Say, extending the trigger limit 🤔
SHaR modding is getting bigger and bigger, and with huge projects on the horizon (MorganVain, *cough-cough*) - huge hacks should be able to optimize both development and gameplay
2. On topic of hacks, are there any ideas to update ASF with new conditions or objectives? If so, would it be possible for the community to suggest stuff? ASF's done real wonders to the modding scene, but how 'bout a little more?
3. What do you think of the community's past and the future? I've been researching this matter for quite some time and it's really amazing how a small group of three talented people managed to get enough attention to become one of the most active modding communities nowadays. With modern tools and milestones, such as WMDE and the Connected Map - the community will prosper thrice as fast, and seeing how SHaR is a really easy game to mod, I can't imagine what the future holds for us 👀
I have four questions,
1) Continuing from what Gordon said, what could we expect from ASF if it is getting an update?

2) Related to the DMs system, will we be able to add other users as friends & block certain users from communicating to us?

3) Will there ever be a thing such as "a mod creator program", similar to the Discord group rank, but having an icon on the profile?

4) Lastly, regarding badges, are there plans for having user badges in the future?
  • Thinking this might actually work with mod creators (related to the previous question), users could decide whether the badge should be awarded on-play or when a certain trigger, mission objectve or stage has be reached. (Of course, badges should also be approved so that people won't spam them)
I'm really looking forward to know what you guys are up to, it's always unexpected but lovely surprises!
I really want to just answer these questions now because they're really good... But alas, they're for the status update. Keep these awesome questions coming!
Is it true that the Donut Team website contains a hidden Easter egg whereby a certain sequence of actions changes all instances of "donut" to "doughnut" or was that just a wild rumour?