Donut Team Status Update: Ask Us Anything #2

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Here's the questions we missed in today's status update:

Will there ever be a way to add more enemy types? The wasp cameras are iconic but more variety would really spice up the mods.
There's no plans for this currently, but it would be pretty cool!

Do you have any plans on improving DT discord server? 82 unused emoji slots feels like a waste and currently that server is mainly used for #modding-help
Yes! I actually meant to include in the status update that if anyone wants to submit any emojis, you can send it over and we might approve it!

Do you have any plans on filling DTdocs TODO's? Feels weird that there's so much documentation for an unreleased model builder, but almost all pages for 18-year old vanilla SHAR script commands are empty. Maybe you could implement community-driven wiki that allows certain members to contribute to it?
We're still working out the details, but we do have plans to open a git repository that other people can submit pull requests for.

What plans do you have for DT forums system? Will we finally be able to see a full list of every single "content system" mod (maybe sorted by playtime, release date, upvotes etc.) Any plans to deal with very old threads being bumped? (I think I suggested a "bump this thread?" checkbox some time ago)
The Content System is being moved to a new part of the site. I've teased some of this in the #website-feedback channel of Discord. And we have some plans in the works for bumped topics including if a topic is bumped for no reason, a moderator will be able to unbump it and also not allowing bumps from certain users until their reply is approved.

Have you ever gotten a fish bone lodged in your throat?
Can't say I have. I really aspire to though.

Related to the DMs system, will we be able to add other users as friends & block certain users from communicating to us?
Not at first, but that is in the pipeline!

Will there ever be a thing such as "a mod creator program", similar to the Discord group rank, but having an icon on the profile?
Stay tuned, the April status update will probably give you this information... :)

Lastly, regarding badges, are there plans for having user badges in the future?
Yes. Badges are actually being moved into the new Projects system and users will be able to upload their badges for a player fulfilling certain requirements.
When donut mod 4 level 3 and 4 has more new cars to come
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