Desert Bus Mod (1.1)

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Immerse yourself in this authentic 8 hour long Springfeild -> Las Vegas bus drive simulation! (and try not to lose your sanity!)

Includes hard mode for experienced and dedicated button-holders! (normal version just has a stopwatch)

Bus itself has walkable interior for sharmp passengers while singleplayer version adds random passengers to the bus to keep you company!

Minimap includes 16 distance markers to indicate your progress(also scaled up for fullscreen map in sharmp)

This mod does not override vanilla SHAR music files to be compatible with pure-music mods such as Fuzion Frenzy Radio

P.S. Due to SHAR not using enough precision digits, at positions far away from world origin game will ...behave weirdly. It's mostly visual glitches which shouldn't affect "gameplay" too much though
Screenshots of literal desert
perfect for multiplayer races
is there phonebooths on this mod?
1.1 Update:
- Added new setting to the mod due to popular demand
- Disabled Kang & Kodos voice lines (\\ > /)
- Updated localization files
- Disabled carsphere because apparently SHAR can't handle those

is there phonebooths on this mod?
phonebooths in this mod no yes there are on (yes)
Did you know that someone made a DOOM mod based off of this? It's called Revenant Bus and it's basically the same thing, except you're bring pummeled by Revenants every millisecond.
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