Episode-esque opening title sequence.

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It would be so easy to just copy the OTS (opening title sequence) from any episode of The Simpsons and paste it into Hit & Run as a cutscene, but would it be possible to recreate the OTS using nothing but Hit & Run itself?

Using character models, environments, vehicles, etc... to recreate the OTS frame-for-frame and turn it into a cutscene complete with a custom original couch gag at the end would give Hit & Run that extra authentic feel.

For replayability purposes, I would suggest a randomised couch gag every time, some new, some classic, just to keep players interested and not skip it. Same goes for the chalkboard and sax solo.

My preferred OTS is the new HD version, but if the Season 2 onwards one is easier to recreate, then that's acceptable. I suppose the original Season 1 OTS was not bad either.

So I guess this is less of a gameplay mod, and more of a cutscene mod, but I still think this would be an interesting project.