Wasp Cam Hunt

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Hunt down hidden wasp cameras in Springfield!

  • 2 Levels!
  • 82 total Wasp Cameras to find! (50 in Level 1, 32 in Level 2)
  • 2 Bonus Missions!
  • Vehicles and costumes to unlock.
  • Collectible Hint Cards and Useless Cards.
  • Randomised music when driving.
  • Hidden characters.

  • This mod is intented to be used with the "Unlock All Missions" setting hack also enabled (you can find it in the launcher's "Settings" tab). It will work without this hack, but generally the mod is built around it, including a fast travel based Mission Select.
  • Entering and then exiting an interior space (such as the Simpsons' house, the Observatory, etc) will re-enable the Hit & Run meter, which is otherwise forcefully disabled at all times. Mission warping should fix this.

Levels overview
Level 1: Fully Connected Map
Set on the Fully Connected Map Mod created by Colou, you have quite a large task ahead if you want to locate all 50 cameras.

  • Bumblebee Man might be impressed by your Wasp hunting skills if you can capture just 20...
  • Collect Hint Cards to increase the chance of success!
  • Look out for hidden characters...

Level 2: Snowy Suburb
It's Christmas time in Springfield, and snow has followed! The wasps have realised, and begun disguising themselves as snowman heads for a second attempt at invasion, this time in different places. Can you take out all 32 of them?

  • The Bonus Mission host doesn't care for wasps but dangerous tasks will do instead.
  • Who needs hints anyway? Collect Useless Cards for nothing but the sense of satisfaction of finding them and figuring out how to get them.
  • Take your time to explore the wonderful snowy Level 4 map created by maz.

A large "Thank You!" to the following people:
  • Mochapoke (Beecar/Bee Homer models and voice work.)
  • Donut Team (Homer - Elf model.)
  • maz (Snowy map, LUA help, HUD icon, thread banner, Christmas vehicles.)
  • Colou (Fully Connected Map Mod.)

  • Added Level 2 and all its content.
  • Organised the internal mod structure.
  • Updated the credits, both in-game and in the launcher.
  • Small changes to launcher description.
  • Changed the "Collector Cards" stat text in Level 1 to "Hint Cards".
  • Added a new selection icon in the View Cards menu.
  • Reduced the Level Progress screen content so that it only includes the relevant stats.
  • New loading screen art.
  • Fixed an issue where entering Moe's in Level 1 would throw a non-crucial error.

  • Relocated almost every Wasp Camera and adjusted the trigger positioning for all. They should now be in more conventional places that aren't incredibly dumb.
  • Replaced the Bonus Mission reward with the Open Wheel Race Car. The Itchy & Scratchy Movie Truck can instead be purchased from Gil.
  • Replaced the default Homer model and Family Sedan with bee-themed variants created by Mochapoke.
  • Added two new music tracks to the selection: "Sunday Drive" from RR and "Disco" from regular SHAR.
  • Incorporated a mod setting to allow the Wasp Cameras to have shields.
  • Hints have been adjusted; hint cards are completely different and additional hints are displayed on the Bonus Mission's fail screen.
  • Removed the Monorail Car.
  • Three additional ambient characters, including contest winner UnknownSteel.
  • Gave the mod an Internal Name (somehow missed that before).
  • Increased trigger size for Hint Card 1.
  • Small miscellaneous text edits, both in-game and in the mod meta.
  • Probably other small changes I've just forgotten.

Download v1.2
hey thats me
Gonna try this - love wasp camera hunting!
I would suggest setting some ground rules to make sure it's fair for everybody.
I can think of a few things that would help people find these cameras within an hour, so these should be addressed.
I would suggest setting some ground rules to make sure it's fair for everybody.
I can think of a few things that would help people find these cameras within an hour, so these should be addressed.
Good idea. The main post has now been updated to reflect the new rules as to make this fair game. All wasps must be found without the usage of the following hacks: "Debug Test", "Debug Text", "No Jump Limit", "Unlock All Rewards", "Cheat Keys".
haven't found a single wasp! LOL!
We have a winner, UnknownSteel from the Discord server! An update will follow (hopefully somewhat soon) to add their ambient NPC (and maybe a few other little changes).
I only got five wasps so far ((((
Can't get a card on top of the construction site (((
Found 5 wasps.
God this is hard.
Got seven to date.