P3D Colour Key

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P3D Colour Key is a tool that will take one or more P3D files and apply a colour key filter to all of their sprites and textures like in the films "Pleasentville" and "Shindler's List"

Make sure to backup your P3Ds, any changes made to your files are irreversible.
Source Code and README

Before and After


If you play around with the settings enough you can get some cool effects

This would be cool for making a time travel mod where you go to the past or something, give the past level some "classic" cars etc and this tool does half the work for you. Could do some other cool stuff too, nice job!
This would be really cool if someone was to make a horror mod, with desaturated textures and such. Nice job!
This could be very useful for current "1920's" mod jam. I hope no one would mind me bumping this thread for the occasion
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