GameCube Audio

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Ever wanted those sweet, sweet, totally not heavily compressed GameCube audio files to replace those awful Windows ones? This mod does that.

When porting SHAR over to the GameCube, a lot of assets were removed or compressed in order to fit the game data on such a small disc. This includes the audio files, which were hit pretty hard. Some of the tracks even lack certain sounds.

The mod affects ambience, music tracks, and vehicle sounds. Dialog and regular sound effects go unchanged, though if there's request for it (or I just get really bored) that might change someday. Special thanks to Tay for his tutorial on quickly and easily converting RSD files to other formats.

Download (72.5 MB)
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I never realized how different the gamecube tracks sound, wow.
i played almost all ports except for xbox and this is true. but it was good on GameCube.