Mod Requests (Treehouse of Christmas/King-Sized Homer)

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An idea that I came up with when playing "Christmas in Springfield" and Hit & Run level 7, on December 25, Kang and Kodos invade Springfield to turn everyone into aliens like them and take all the Christmas gifts, to the Finding out about this, Bart and Marge try to find a way to ruin the aliens' plan and save Christmas, in the last mission Maggie will go with Marge to touch the self-destruct button on the ship and thus they will be able to save everyone and at Christmas (Bart will be controlled but the car is Marge's Canyonero and the map will be with the stage of level 7 but with a touch of level 4)
I will not do this but if someone sees it and wants to do it, they can do it but they will have to put that I am the author since I was the one who gave the idea to do it.

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For a mod. Remember when Homer got fat, I work from home and save people from the big nuclear waste dumpster? Well, the idea is that with the mod "Fully connected map" Homer does the same thing he did in the episode, he will have to use the fat suit that is in level 1 and to drive he will have to use the ice cream truck that is in Hit & Run. What do you think of the idea?
Notice I'm not good at mods but I would love to see someone else do it and see how it looks
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Not to sound rude or anything, but
1. No one has ever done a mod request and I doubt someone ever will, unless the community grows even larger
2. Saying "I will not do this but put me as an author since I gave the idea" is a bit of a weird concept for me, and can even be perceived as rude. Surely, you'll have to get credited in such a mod if it happens to be created, but don't expect anything more than a simple mention, since, well, you did nothing besides suggesting the idea
Mod making is a bit more complex, you need a solid story, a planned mission structure, dialogues, graphics, bonus content and much more
Went ahead and quickly merged this and the previous topic about the King-Sized Homer-based mod idea into one since they were both ideas that were made in a relatively short timepsan between one another. Also moved this to Mod Requests as well!

As Gordon stated, mod requests aren't done super often due to the large undertaking they require depending on the complexity of them. There have been a couple here and there, but there's usually a bit of misunderstanding of what's possible.

And yeah, the most you can probably expect is a small credit towards you in the mod itself if it does get produced. You'd have to probably actively contribute to development more in order to see a more size-able mention. There are a good couple of community created tutorials floating around if you need any assistance, and #modding-help in our Discord is also a place you can ask for assistance live!
But I don't know how to make mods, I haven't even edited anything in the game, the only thing I'm good at mods for is to use them. Also I don't know if an app is needed to make mods, and what to say that they put me for the idea I do not care almost and I do not want the mention to be so great