Severe Lag

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Hello all,
I would like to thank you in advance for any help you can offer. The issue I have currently is that my game is lagging very badly, I enabled the console and found that the issue is Audio: Service0pf that is causing stuttering. The laptop I'm using doesn't have incredible specs but I would hope it should run this game well, am I thinking wrong?

Straight from the console (Numbers within squared brackets typically vary from 115-130):
AUDIO: Detected Service Lag:[120]ms -- this could cause skipping
AUDIO: Detected Service0pf Lag:[120]ms -- this could cause skipping

My laptop specs are:
AMD E2-1800 1.7Ghz 2 core processor with built in Radeon(tm) HD graphics
6.0 GB DDR3 RAM (5.6 GB useable)
700GB TOSHIBA MQ01ABD075 SATA Disk Device

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks again.