Simpsons' garage mini-mod

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Hi everyone! This is my second mod (I'd call it a mini-mod) that just makes Simpsons' garage door animated, opens the garage and puts default level car into it. This feature was added in 1, 4 and 7 levels with small differences in colors according to levels' lighting.

Spoiler: Screenshots & video

You can decompile this mod and use assets from it wherever you want
This is awesome!
Gotta say, this is absolutely fantanstic!
Honestly, the game map needs more changes like that, great job!

Молодец, товарищ 👌
This is really cool and adds another dimension to the game. Would be awesome to see this and more interior mods down the line added to the fully connected map if that's possible.
Already reacted to it in the highest form of communication (emojis) on the Discord server, but well done! The modeling work from the screenshots alone looks amazing and it feels right at home with the rest of the map. I’m also a sucker for the little details like the skeleton in Level 7’s variation of it.