Low FPS and Slow Load times on Decent PC

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For some reason SHAR is running poorly on my computer, it's still playable but it's definitely play below 60FPS (Probably 30 or so) and the load times while not unbearably low are rather low considering my computer while not the most powerful is more than capable of playing a game as old as Simpsons Hit and Run at 60FPS, especially since I used to get good load times and 60FPS while playing it on this computer. So i'm thinking it is some sort of problem on the software side. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.
This might be a stretch but are you running the game and/or Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher with any kind of Compatibility Mode/Fixes applies? I've heard that can mess with it, and long load times is a general issue on newer hardware that the Modern Computer Support hack (always enabled) should fix.
I don't have any compatibility things enabled, honestly it's something that just happened one day, and the load times aren't ridiculously long they just feel longer than they should be as I remember them being almost instant, plus the fact that i'm running it off an SSD I do believe they should be fast, especially since I don't have these problems with newer more demanding games.
You should do all the normal processes on the system side. I was getting BSOD's on Watch Dogs 1 recently. One day of updating, scanning and cleaning sorted it out.