Gmod GM_Fork

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Just like the bigcity map that came out months ago, is there anyone that do that same thing but with the gm_fork map from gmod? That would be a really fun map to play on in a really fun simpsons game.
I was looking into doing this after you posted it. Seems easy to rip the models and attempt to work on it, however I can't seem to figure out how to rip the textures.

Maybe someone else could give me tips on that? Or maybe I should just use SHAR textures
I also tried extracting the map, and ran into textures issues too. I'm gonna keep trying though.

Edit: I have extracted all of the textures, however I'm unsure if the model I have has the mapping.
if you guys can use simpsons hit and run textures for the gm fork map that would be fine too. I know the crazy taxi mod uses the big city map but with hit and run textures, and i will say it makes big city more colorful.
I've compiled everything on the map that I could find. Included is the OG creators .vmf (map) files that can be opened in hammer. As well as a decompiled version of the map (GMAD extractor). Using a program I've included you can mass extract all of the textures from the materials folder.

Download: Gm_fork stuff