SHAR Multi-Character Mod (1.0 Release)

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Greetings, fellow SHAR enthusiasts!

You might remember me for creating Frank Grimes Mode and The Simpsons: Mystery Incorporated. I did, however, go by a different name back then (it's a trans thing).

What is the Multi-Character Mod?

It is a mod that allows you to play as several different characters in any level that you would not normally be allowed to play as otherwise.

Why could I not just make edit the leveli.mfk file myself to play as any character I want?

This mod includes custom electrocution images, as well as all-new audio for each character. The audio comes from several sources:
  • Re-purposed audio from SHAR
  • Audio from other Simpsons games
  • Clips from the show itself

How many characters will I get to play as?

The first update features Hans Moleman, Krusty the Clown, Ralph Wiggum, Ned Flanders, and Barney Gumble.

What can I do with this mod?

You can just mess around Springfield. There is no storyline. However, with the No Dialog add-on coming along with this mod, you can play the Vanilla story. And, as long as I'm credited, you can also use the resources for your own mod.



Update Log (Multi-Character Mod)

  • 1.0: Mod released

Update Log (No Dialog)

  • 1.0: Mod released

Bug Report

  • Multi-Character: Some of Krusty's dialog have weird gaps at the start and/or end. This is only really noticeable when talking to someone.
  • No Dialog: When starting a locked vehicle mission, the HUD will display the wrong stage message when you are asked to talk to a vendor.
This looks very cool, especially the custom assets to help each character feel more designed-to-be-played.

Oh, and on a somewhat off-topic but still kinda related and well-meaning note, congratulations on your transition!
It's been a while since I posted here

This looks nice! Good to see you again after so long.
So, is this like "SHaR but your playermodel is different", or something along the lines of Yellow Shift?
Anyways, looks promising, wish you luck in the development!
Will civilians be included?
Just a thought, but you could make the missions playable with any character by just removing the dialogue stages. Either way this looks cool ! I especially like how you've included custom voice lines.
Addressing a few comments here:

Gordon: Yellow Shift, I believe, is a story mod. This is simply a mod that adds dialog for player-specific contexts as well as a custom electrocution file.
AccountForBob: Not sure what you mean. Just generic pedestrian models? No. It will be random characters that I feel like adding to the mod. At the moment, Moleman is the only one announced.
Jay_mate: I'm actually looking into that at the moment and am considering making that a separate mod you can download from this post as well. This will mean that the base mod will clash with fewer other mods as opposed to making no dialog a part of the mod.
Yup, just meant the pedestrians you normally see while playing the game. Sorry if it wasn't so clear.
No worries, thanks for the question :)
hey man i wrould like to try out the mod or the beta build
here is my email if you want to give a link to the mod privately: