Is there any chance of SHAR missions mod that could be made as me and my friends thought it was such a great idea

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Hey there!

Apologies, I'm not sure I understand the question being asked due to the phrasing? Are you asking if it's possible for you to create your own missions mod, or would you like to create a mod that features you and your friends?

Both are completely possible to do relatively easily with Lucas' Hit & Run Launcher. We have a bit on our documentation page explaining how to set up your own mod in order to get started with creating. After you've set up your mod and specified CustomFiles as a Required Hack, you can then go ahead and copy and paste the mission scripts from your game's installation directory into your mod. It's then a matter of editing the mission scripts to create an entirely custom mission. There are some tutorials floating here and there on our forums, though perhaps the best place to get direct assistance is through #modding-help in our Discord server.

If you'd rather create a mod starring you and/or your friends, it's also possible using Blender. We have several mods currently on the forum that make use of entirely custom models not found in the base game (or models heavily modified from the base game). With a bit of modelling experience and rigging, this is also something you can do.

Hopefully this helps answer your questions.
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