LGBTQIA+ In Springfield!

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What is this mod?

This mod is basically a lgbt pack including character and vehicle edits. to add more Flair to springfield


All of the main playable cast with brand new looks (mostly just texture edits) this includes other character like lenny, carl, moe etc. The character who has had the most editing is Smithers

Every player car aside from l7 homer is edited, most are texture edits but famil_v is more than just that.

Retexturing of some billboards (only really ones in the terra for now) to include LGBT stuff instead

Ralph likes men now

Ralph is no longer transphobic in level 1

Special thanks:

Adelaide for ideas and support, borb for the rainbow crosswalks texture and Maz for the malibu stacy car edit and for comic book gay with his gay kremlin

Sources for some textures:

LGBT clowns art
LGBT fish


Rainbow Crosswalks and Bi Homer
Apu Ace attorney with his car (no this is not funny)