Krystal skin mod?

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Hi, this is my first topic on the site. Just a question I'd thought I ask - is there a character skin mod of Krystal from the Star Fox series for Simpsons H&R? Or is it possible that she can be made as one? It's similar to how Mario and Luigi got their skin appearances for the game as well, which is why I found a YouTube video of them (write "simpsons hit and run mario luigi" in a search and you should see that video). So I picture in my mind what Krystal the blue anthropomorphic vixen would look in Simpsons H&R too. Like Mario replaced Homer and Luigi replaced Apu, Krystal could also replace Marge as a definite theme, 'cause both of them have blue hair and are very beautiful girls. :D

Speaking of Krystal from Star Fox, I'm also a huge fan of her. For those who know her and are fans of her like I am, why not discuss this with me? Thanks. :)

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Also another reason why Krystal would make a great skin mod for Simpsons H&R are the outfits - her default ("Normal") would be her tribal wear from Star Fox Adventures, her blue spacesuit from Star Fox Assault, her pink spacesuit from Star Fox Command, and her Kursed or beta Dinosaur Planet form.

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Though to note, Krystal is a very underrated character, did not receive much of her own stories in the SF games, and perhaps not that many people know about her. I understand all this and am aware of it myself, but regardless, she'd look good in the game, just like she received her skin models in the Grand Theft Auto games, Vice City and San Andreas.

If you don't know Krystal, or want to learn more about her as well, go to That site has all the information, pictures, clips, audio, models and other stuff of her.
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...Odd. No one's replied here on this subject. Yet. =/

Ah well, perhaps someone with this interest will eventually show up for a response whenever, I suppose...