The Simpsons Hit & Run - Smokin' Bouviers! [UPDATED: 2022.07.06] [LEAKS]

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when it will be take place of the map?

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Is There an more dialog for patty and selma?
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I'll ask you to wait patiently and do not spam the thread with questions, which answers are NOT provided FOR A REASON. Watch the leak videos that I release.

Just kindly WAIT and you'll see for yourself once the mod is released.
Looking forward to this.
Sounds like it's gonna be interestingly fun.
This looks like a fun one
Little status update:

  • Yes, the development is temporarily stopped, but it is not cancelled (don't worry, this mod will see the glory of being released)
  • So far the mod has half it's missions scripted, and we'll be working soon on the rest of the missions.
  • After some more progress, might release some more leaks soon, here's one now:

Happy modding!
-Yzma (aka Morgan)