Donut Overdose Mod (Version 1.1.1 Update)

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Hi, my name is Andrew Harris. And this is my 1st mod I'm making public. My mod is called "Donut Overdose Mod".

What is the mod about?
This mod is about Springfield's Donut being recalled. The Simpsons family tries to warn the whole town about the famous donut being recalled. And there is more to it.

Version 1.1.1 UPDATE:

Done some outdated level tweaking.
Removed L1 M2, but I'll be redoing the level on the next update.
Added HUD Icons, and scripts to improve gameplay.

When I release Version 1.2, I will be focusing more on a major update for this mod.

For anybody who wants to play this mod. The download link is available. I'm currently working on the first couple missions right now. The only that's complete is the tutorial mission. More updates will be coming soon. -Andrew Harris
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It would be a good idea to provide some description what is the mod about.
UPDATE 1.0.1= Level 1 Mission 1 is complete. 1 of 7 collector cards have been renamed. Soon, I'll be changing the card locations. And finally, a new custom vehicle can be purchased from Gil for 100 coins. Hoping to get Level 1 done by the end of the year. For anyone who has any trouble downloading the mod, post a comment or something down below.
UPDATE 1.0.2= A Small update on the mod. Another collector card from Level 1 has been renamed, and some texturing as well. I completed the bonus mission for Level 1. You can unlock a custom vehicle by completing the bonus mission. Stay tuned for Version 1.1.0 coming out in about 2 weeks. Like I said last time, for anybody who has trouble downloading the mod. Comment down below.
UPDATE 1.1= Level 1 Mission 2 is complete. I also added a custom Street Race vehicle for level 1. I haven't worked much on the street races yet, but soon I will. Any crashes or bugs, report them. My goal is to get level 1 complete by the end of the year.
UPDATE 1.1.1= It's been a while since I worked on this mod. This is just a small update, but don't worry, there will be a bigger update coming up soon!

I've done some outdated level tweaking for this mod.
And I've added HUD Icons, and Scripts to improve the gameplay a little bit.