What if there was a Family Guy: Hit & Run?

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Yeah, a game with the same objectives and stuff as Simpsons H&R, but with Family Guy characters from their TV show, like Peter Griffin has his work day too. Although, to be fair, Family Guy is a lot worse than The Simpsons, right? They tend to swear more. :/
I mean shoot, I am a developer and would be 100% up for making this project as a mod for SHAR. If any other developers or modelers are interested then shoot me a DM on discord at Thallium#0001

Maybe we could make this happen!!
To add onto the discussion, I believe a previous user (Nightbane) had actually ported Peter Griffin's model from Family Guy Video Game! to Hit & Run. It'd really just come down to a matter of trying to port some of the other models from the same game and creating a custom map/texture pack to better match the aesthetic of the show. The game has a couple of models based off of Quahog in the game itself for Peter's 'beat-em-up stages', but is split up into chunks and fairly incomplete.

Another Family Guy console game exists (Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse) that would potentially have higher quality models, but at the moment the only publicly ripped model from that game is Cleveland Brown's.

It'd definitely be interesting to see for sure! I think the show shares some overlap with the Simpsons to still work with Hit & Run's gameplay. I think it hasn't been attempted due to the undertaking to get it off the ground and resources needed (such as audio clips). The show is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine and I've been reminiscing about the first three seasons again recently, so I'd love to see an attempt at it.