3D Phone Booth Previews has a visual bug.

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For some reason, when using the 3D Phone Booth Previews mod to view any car in 3D from the phonebooth menu, I noticed Apu's Longhorn car has its bull face mark on the bonnet messed up, so it's not puzzled in perfectly as seeing it in the game world or without this mod active. Have any of you noticed this same visual bug, too?

Perhaps an update to the 3D Phone Booth Previews mod would fix it? Don't ask me, 'cause I'm not a contributor to improving things technically myself. This is just my suggestion, and I know that the bug is not much of a problem, really. I just think it looks off.
That's not a bug with the phone booth. That's Radicals fault for making messy p3d files. The hearse has the same issue.
Oh yeah, the Hearse has an incorrect piece of texture too. And it's not the 3D Phone Booth Previews mod, but Radical themselves originally? OK.
Yeah, this issue can be corrected by a mod that fixes the files located at art\frontend\dynaload\cars.

I think this has been done before on at least one occasion though I'm not positive where one might find it right now.