All permanently destroyed objects?

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Those certain objects in Simpsons H&R's levels which never respawn and repair themselves upon destroying them for the first time. What are all of the types?

If I can guess them all, or just mostly to my current knowledge, then let's see... Here are the categories of levels and unspawnable stuff they appear in.

~ All Levels ~
* Buzz Cola crates.
* Vending machines.
* Gasoline pumps.

~ Level 1 ~
* A lemonade stand in the playground near the Simpsons' house. This is a PC exclusive prop.

~ Levels 1 and 4 ~
* Wooden fence closing off the tunnel into Mr. Burns' mansion backyard via the Power Plant.

~ Levels 1, 4 and 7 ~
* Tomacco stand next to the harvest field.
* Gates around the barn (with cows). Three of them can be found.
* Five boxes of hay on a ramp that leaps you over the Tyre Fire.

~ Level 2 ~
* Brown crate next to the Screaming Monkey Medical Research Centre, in which monkeys spring out of it when wrecked. For some reason, this crate is permanently destroyed only in Level 2, whereas despite its recurrence in Level 5, it can be broken and respawned many times. Odd, isn't it? I don't know why this is the case.

~ Levels 2 and 5 ~
* Newspaper stands around Downtown, total five.
* Barriers with the Buzz Cola logo on them. You can find four in Downtown from Level 2, three in Downtown from Level 5 and one at the TRY-N-SAVE from both levels.

~ Level 3 ~
* Seagulls sitting around the chained fences gazing at sea from the Squidport area, with five to locate. I'm not sure why these birds didn't return later on for Level 6, though.

~ Levels 3 and 6 ~
* Globex door barring the submarine tunnel of the C-Spanker.
* Red and white barriers that close off both entrances into the Duff Brewery.

~ Level 7 ~
* Springfield Cemetary entrance signs on both sides of the area. A couple of ways to reach and destroy them is to either gain a certain amount of car speed off the opposite ramp or by using a tall vehicle to place under them, get on top of its roof and stomp. (Double jump and press kick.)