Expert Racer Mod (Version 1.1) NEW UPDATE

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This is AndrewHarris109 here. I thought of a cool mod concept. I'm still currently working on the 2 mods I have released. But today, I am here with my newest mod. It's called "Expert Racer Mod". It says released on the flair topic. But it's also on beta right now as well. I've completed the first mission. As of today, this is only going to be a one level mod. At least for now. The download link is available. This mod is mostly going to be about races, time trials, etc.

Version 1.1 is finally out!

What's added?

1 Circuit Race
1 Time Trial
Improved Gameplay
Some Fixes


Version 1.1 Details
Added 2 Missions (L1 M1, and L1 M2)
Some Fixes from Version 1.0.1
Improved Gameplay

Known Issues
After reseting L1 M2, the car is missing. Just go to a phone booth. This will be fixed hopefully on the next update.

One more thing, any crashes or bugs, report them. I might do another minor update later today.
This sounds right up my alley! Love racing mods!

Hope to see more than one missions released, maybe try to spice up the races (obstacles, time limits and etc.).

Happy modding!
Version 1.0.1 Update: Enhanced the gameplay a little bit on L1 M0. On the next update, I will be doing L1 M1 and maybe L1 M2. So stay tuned.
It's been a while since I worked on this mod, but stay tuned for Version 1.1 next week.
This is AndrewHarris109 here. The Version 1.1 update for Expert Racer Mod has been delayed. I was feeling sick, and didn't have time to work on the Mod. I hope everyone understands. Version 1.1 will be released as soon as I can.
This is AndrewHarris109 here. I will be releasing Version 1.1 of Expert Racer Mod coming up either tomorrow or Friday. So yeah. (:
Version 1.1 is finally released. I'm sorry this update took so long. I was very lazy. If there's any issues with this mod, let me know.

One last note, there maybe a Version 1.1.1 update in a few days or so.