Now that custom maps are possible, what is one game's map that you want in Hit & Run?

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Today we released Diddy Kong Racing's, Jungle Falls map as a SHAR mod. I'm curious what map you'd like to see in Hit & Run?!


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Perhaps 'New Jersey' from Tony Hawk's Underground, it's got a subway station a bridge and a small neighborhood. However it wouldn't look cartoony enough because of the textures. Perhaps you could make them cartoony.

Spiral Mountain was something we wanted to do as well
Road rage maps (duh)
It is a big map, but... the one from Cars? <3 (this one:
Rancho Relaxo map from Road Rage too
Road Rage will come, but we're still unsure how we want to port their maps as they're extremely different compared to how we did this one and the other 10 we have in our development folder
Though i think/know is Impossible... any GTA game u.u
Oh, also mario kart maps from any game (most likely GC or N64 races) would be awesome, too.
How about Casino Town from OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast?
Let me be honest. This was much worse than I originally anticipated. My biggest complaint is regarding the unnecessarily cheap A.I traffic in certain narrow paths suddenly taking an extremely quick, yet predictable 90-degree turn, blocking 80% of the road. This was most noticeable in Dino Rage!, and that only makes the entire race rely on 99% luck.

I can go on if I wanted to, but for the sake of future updates, I'll keep them to myself until I feel like they should be mentioned if they haven't been dealt with in a while. Other than the negatives, this was an OK map. Eh.