Now that custom maps are possible, what is one game's map that you want in Hit & Run?

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Hmm, I wonder why you would suggest an f-zero track ;)
Midtown Madness: CHicago Edition. And I am thinking on a very big scale here, but seven levels with seven missions each could be done with Midtown Madness. Of course, Midtown Madness 2 had San Francisco and London maps, so if you used those too, you could have the Simpsons drive to the airport in one level (Meigs Field has not been used as an airport in many decades in Chicago, yet in Midtown Madness it is shown as a usable airport) and a video between levles of the SImpsons on a plane. Then next level in San Francisco or London.
I'm thinking of GTA 3 map, split into the 3 sections (Portland, Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale), one per each level. Just like how map in The Simpsons Hit & Run is split into 3 sections.