Favorite car to drive in Hit and run?

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I've been playing Hit And Run lately and I got a question. What's your favorite vehicle to drive in Simpsons: Hit And Run?
I'm a big fan of the Electaurus! It's my vehicle of choice when my friends and I play Multiplayer. It's not too fast for me and I've mastered steering pretty well! :)
I like the 70s Sports Car.
Canyonero! It's the perfect balance between toughness, handling and speed.
70's Sports Car is my fav
The Hearse! It just looks like something out of this world man, and those siren lights always amazed me as a child.
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70's Sports Car
As a kid I was amazed by cars you couldn't drive in vanilla game, and this is what took me to try and start modding the game. Driving the milk truck or the nonuplets minivan was my dream when I was like 9. At first I used Lucas' SHaR Tweak, that old broken tool which I still have (and which imo is still pretty functional) to edit the levels' traffic and adding the milk truck and other undrivable vehicles such as baby van or cell phone cars. And all this just because the "all cars" cheat could not be done in the PC version (issue fixed by Lucas' launcher itself). Aside of this, some of the cars I really like are the Black Sedan, the Bandit, the Curator and Smithers' Limo. By the way, many cars don't fit quite well with the level's theme, for example why giving Smithers' car to the player in level 7 when it is used in level 1 missions?
I used to drive in the Curator a lot as a kid, but now I haven't played OG shar in like forever, so I usually drive modded-in vehicles, but my current go-to vehicle is the 70s Sports Car, cause of the speed.