Favorite car to drive in Hit and run?

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El Carro Loco is very underrated.
Probably the Open Wheel Race Car in terms of driving. It’s a really cool reward to save at the very end of the game with how insanely overpowered it is top speed wise. It makes speedrunning individual missions a blast (though I realize the Hearse also receives use in NG+ ASM given it’s better durability).

It’s incredibly poor strength is a fun double-edged sword too. If you can master the game’s controls it’s not something you’ll have to worry about most missions, but it can also lead to AI car destruction based missions (such as From Outer Space) becoming more exciting.

Only downsides is that I find the Street Races you have to do to obtain it significantly easier than the ones in Level 6 (and the Street Races lacking a ‘rival’ like the previous ones is a bit unfortunate). It’s usefulness is also perhaps a bit limited since it’s likely the player will have cleared most of the game’s missions prior to obtaining it, but perhaps it’s handier than I’m figuring if the player used the skip mission functionality a fair amount? It’s a slightly easier way to get a checkmark for the missions the player skipped earlier.

In terms of just looks Ferrini. I love that shine and the mission it debuts in. El Carro Loco is also pretty cool for the purple neon lights.
my favorite cars are the 90's sport car and the chase sedan
Professor Frink, Professor Frink,
He'll make you laugh, he'll make you think,
He likes to run, and then the thing,
With the...person...

I like Professor Frink's car.
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