Will Colou's Fully Connected Map mod have...

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...Level 7's Area 939/Rich Side and Nuclear Power Plant interiors open and working!? :O :D

I know... That's just a speculating guess, but Colou did mention about considering even the Halloween variant for his FCM mod along with sunset and night ones, didn't he? So that's why I suddenly got the feeling of impression it might work, since his mod is the entire map of Springfield after all. ^^' *I dance in a bit of excitement*

Well if that is true... Let's hope so! Just imagine what it would look, seeing the complete Area 939/Rich Side and Nuclear Power Plant interiors from Levels 1 and 4 at Halloween time? There better be themed stuff put around them too, like spider webs, ghosts, pumpkins, gravestones and so on.
I don't want to spoil much but yes... the Pastry Commune (mainly Mochapoke & TheButterApple) are working on something like that and we're hoping to release it soon!