More Costumes v2.3 - 'Even MORE Costumes'

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I don't know if this would possibly end up in this mod at some point or a separate one entirely, but I would like to see Lisa's wedding dress from the episode "Lisa's Wedding" at some point.
I don't know what happens but when I put the mod in the mods folder it does not appear in the launcher, could someone help me? please
Very nice mod! can you add the be-sharps suit for homer?, or his younger form please?
Very nice mod! can you add the be-sharps suit for homer?, or his younger form please?

Glad you like the mod!
I actually have an Excel sheet absolutely backlogged with all possible canon-safe outfits I could add for each character as well as some statistics about each outfit that weigh up if that particular outfit is worth adding sooner rather than later. The list of remaining outfits I could add absolutely has me covered for another 4 or 5 updates at minimum of the current size observed in the latest major update (v2.0 at the time of writing this).
'Younger Form' Homer very almost got in on this update (listed as 70s Homer in my document) but I felt with Marge already getting a 70s outfit, it was a bit cheap on variety to add that in one of my 21 slots for this update (although I could've done 22 outfits, it just wouldn't have looked as good for the trailer LOL).
Be-Sharps Homer is also on the list, but he is low priority because Apu already has a Be-Sharps outfit in base game, but that absolutely doesn't mean it'll never be added, I pick a few low priority outfits each update to throw into the mix as wildcards!
I have all ten costumes for Lisa in Level 3, and one of them didn't get added to the level progress screen. Do you think you can fix a few bugs including this one in another revision of the mod?

EDIT: I got the same bug with one of Marge's extra costumes in Level 4.

EDIT 2.5: I collected all 63 costumes (100%), and the game thinks I got all 61 (99.6%). I am reporting the two bugs I encountered so far, with Levels 3 and 4 featuring Lisa and Marge's extra costumes.