In depth tutorial?

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is there an in depth tutorial on how to mod anywhere? (video or text and pictures). I've watched muckluck's video but it doesn't show how to load the map into blender or how to open up the add on for blender.
Hey there!

Apologies, but assuming I understand correctly, you're interested in learning how to modify the game's pre-existing maps in order to create new ones? While this isn't something that I've personally done, I can assist in giving a quick run down explaining the appropriate steps needed to get started in creating a new map.

To do this, you'll need to go ahead and grab Lucas' P3D Editor 4. It allows you to export the map chunks into a format that Blender supports. To export the models accordingly, right click and choose "Export Pure3D Model":

Once that's done, make sure you have the Blender add-on installed to import the .XML files. That's located here, with a modified version for the latest Blender release available here. To install Blender add-ons, the Blender documentation site gives a quick run-down on what to do.

Weasel's Map Data Editor can then be used to modify the Levels data accordingly, and has a fairly comprehensive Github Wiki page explaining how to use it.

I think once you have everything set up accordingly, muckluck's video can then be used as a nice visual reference explaining what needs to be done to modify the maps accordingly. Hopefully this helps!