I don't understand how tokens, servers, etc., work.

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OK, so let me start off with this - today I've just downloaded and extracted Simpsons H&R's multiplayer (and yes, I also carefully followed the steps SHAR MP's setup guide page has explained). Now, I opened the Launcher app, had a first-time look around its tabs and features (but didn't edit or toggle any of them), and have just launched the game with a blank password from the app's "Server" tab. The game loads and works normally, but it seems I'm the only one in play of the game. Then, I exited and tried using my DT Authorisation Token to copy and paste into the password box via Server and clicked the Launch button, but an error message popped up saying "Incorrect password." I also requested a new token and tried it as the password again, but it still said incorrect.

...Does that password box actually mean the same way that it requires you to put in your DT Authorisation Token in order to correct that error message and actually play with other people in the game? Or is it the other things in the Server tab like "Host" and/or "Port"? I don't get it. I have no clear understanding of those features. =/