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how to play with friends?
Hey there! Apologies for the late reply. Been rather busy as of recent.

Regarding your question, it's a rather common one given how exciting the prospect of Hit & Run Multiplayer is, though a lot of people in our community have already experienced it at some point, hence the low player count at the moment. You can always check who's online and playing Multiplayer using the main multiplayer page. Just scroll down and see who's available! You can also organize games in the Discord by asking who else is ready to play.

The only thing I'd advise keeping in mind is that all players must be using the same mods in order to see one another. So, for instance, a player that has Multi-Meme enabled can unfortunately not play with another player without it. Questions regarding how to use mods is explained on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Hopefully this helps!

Edit: Also moved your topic from 'Feedback & Suggestions' to 'Support'.