Level 7 Restoration Restored

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What is this mod?

This is an even more updated version of kenny giles " rich side restoration" mod, a lot more model work done by both myself and The Butter apple, including custom cars, characters and a very destroyed rich side.


A completely destroyed rich side with custom modelling and collision, along with some different collector cards and extra wasps. Fully decompilable so feel free to use this in your own mods as long as you give credit



Special thanks

Adelaide for helping me with the kwik-e-Mart roof and assisting me with various code and p3d stuff and for adding the new cards and wasps
maz for making the military truck and the base for the skeletons
Kenny Giles for making the original level 7 rich side restored
Tay for making the custom characters



Now we just need the original Level 7 missions to have their path redesigned in a way that they utilize this additional space.
Great job! Love the attention to detail.
Love this! Great work guys.
Woah! This impressed me to the core. I love everything that went into this even if it just a restoration of the rich side. Amazing work, guys!