need help woth discord

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for some reason i cant type on discord
Hey there!

Users are able to join our Discord using the invite link, but won't be able to talk until both your Discord account and your Donut Team account are linked. It's possible you might have joined using the other invite link that doesn't require that these two are linked?

You instead need to join using the other link present on our Discord page. If you're still having trouble, feel free to reach out to one of the staff members.

Hopefully that helps a little!
do i reach out to them on discord?
My apologies! My original post was rather ambiguous with it’s wording and who to contact for further assistance.

Try leaving the server briefly and then using the link here in order to link both your Donut Team and Doscord account together:

If that still fails, however, you can DM one of the Staff Members in the Discord and they should be able to help give you the proper privileges in order to type.

Hope that helps!