Can someone pass me a mod please?

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Hello good people, could you pass me a mod called Team Protix Hit & Run Profixed Edition? Greetings

The Team Protix mod was originally created by a user who got banned a few years ago. The Profixed edition was something I made a year later which just completely ripped his mod and added more childlike mod assets ripped from another mod created by another user who is also banned. While this was done as an April fools joke, The mod itself breaks so many TOS violations when it came to un-modded files and I also felt like it was on the line of bullying the main mod creator because I made fun of his bad English and a picture of their face (which was already in the game) was slapped on a billboard in a few levels. I kind of regret making it now which is why its taken down.

Sorry to be a letdown.
Seriously bro, you don't want that mod haha. You're better off playing something like this...