Does anyone know how to make the roof of the family sedan visible? *RESOLVED

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I'd really like to know as the game doesn't seem as immersive with a transparent roof on your car.
Do I have to get blender to edit files in the game? Thanks guys!
Sorry but where do you find the files for it? I'm looking all through the game directory and can't see anything to do with a roof.
Or if it's coding would you mind elaborating on how to do it?
Do I have to get blender? does anyone have a link to what version you'd need?
Thanks :)

I've seen your comment in the other forum post, so I'll answer that in here to refrain from commenting on older posts, what Loren meant there is that you should look for the shader called "famil_vRoof_m" inside the vehicle's p3d file.
Once you get to it, set the blend mode to "None" instead of "Alpha"
[Edit] just in case, the vehicle is called "famil_v.p3d"
I hope this helps!
Just got the 3d editor, I'll give it a try. Thanks :)
I can't seem to find "famil_vRoof_m"
The original model doesn't even have a roof. aha
I even downloaded blender but it doesn't even read the files.
Based on this and another thread, I made a mod: Opaque Car Roofs.