SHAR Gamespot Demo Remake (Released)

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Hi everyone!

I'm remaking the Gamespot Demo (the one where bad JPEG Quality photos), dated September 5th 2003 and released today the remake, the unused WagonA are not included and the Worth Playing August 31, 2003 animated Mission Brief.

Here is how the SHAR Gamespot Demo Remake works:

1 - Bonus Missions are Perfectly Working (Except the Dial B for Blood, it's Broken)
2 - Bonfire of Manatees is Broken
3 - Petty Theft Homer had the Tag "Lose the Tail"
4 - Level 2/3/6 Skybox are changed
5 - Incriminating Caffeine and Clueless (some other mission had this) added the "Avoid out Chase Sedan"
6 - Level 7 Rich side is Restored
7 - WagonA and animated Mission brief are not included

9/25/2021 (First Update): Added more images (too many images =D)
9/25/2021 (Second Update): I Uploaded the Revision 01 (Prerelease), if you download to test... Im not forcing you
9/26/2021 (First Update): 0.7a_002 is released
10/6/2021 (First Update: I Made Off Press assets of my remake (and removed screenshots)

RELEASE DATE: Version 0,7a_002 (Alpha) RELEASED TODAY!
RELEASE DATE: Version 1.0 Coming Fall December 2021
SPOILERS: Release date is December 24th

Link to The Paste

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