Halloween triggers?

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Any mod, or any way, to make the unused Halloween ambient triggers work in Level 7 of SHAR (the ones like a wolf's howl, pigs screaming, and dentist drill)? TCRF.net has them listed.
Hi, these sounds aren't unused! (I believe @Addy or anybody else that isn't her and worked on that page didn't hear them though.)
One example, you can go in front of the school & hear the sounds! However, they're kind of quiet so that's why they were thought to be unused.
Picture showing the trigger that plays them (Light blue one)
Yeah as it turns out the sounds do play but there are some nuances. This was learned a while ago.
  • You need to have the camera facing backwards, with Homer looking towards the camera, and then enter the trigger(s). This is either a very weird bug or hardcoded.
  • The sound effects have a probability to play rate set in a SPT file that determines the chance of each one playing. The rate is always set to less than 1.000000 so they won't always play.
Ah, OK.