Sunday Run

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Take a run through Springfield! This mod isn't a walking simulator, but it might be the closest thing SHAR has to one as of now!

Complete with a few different modes, accessible through mission select:
  • Vanilla - Go at your own pace. No restrictions, just don't die or something.
  • Race - Complete your run before the AI car does!
  • Hard Race - Same as the above, but the AI takes shortcuts!
  • Time Trial - You have 30 minutes to run the course.
  • Hard Time Trial - You have 23 minutes to run the course.
  • Super Time Trial - You have 19 minutes and 30 seconds! There's no time to waste!
  • I <3 Pain - At best, this is just a test of either skill or patience. Otherwise both. You have an hour to run three laps before the AI car can.

Credit to Colou for the Fully Connected Map.


Cool mod and a great way to spend Sunday, 10/10 points. Would love to see more mods like this.


Proof of my persistance: