Ultimate Level 7 Restoration (UL7R)

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UL7R is a mod that restores the rich side in Level 7 and adds some more stuff and fixes using Cacodaemon24's True Level 7 Restoration Mod as a base.

-Fully restored rich side!
-New and improved billboards.
-Water pool at one of the houses in the rich side has been replaced with the acid pool from Mochapoke's mod.
-Barricades at Burns' Mansion from Mochapoke's mod.
-Broken screens at Homer's office from Mochapoke's mod.
-Homer's scorpions are now murderous!
-Fixed crop circle (from Cacodaemon24's mod).
-New SPOOPY Stonecutters Tunnel based on Kenny Giles' version.
-Mission 6 from Kenny's mod with tweaked timers.
-Fixed drama section not playing in mission 7.
-Added the respective parking lot HUD icon to the "Go to the Power Plant parking lot." mission stages.
-Restored "Spook-E-Mart" sign based on Danny's recreation.
-Orange windows at the rich side like in the rest of the level.
-Closed Burns' Mansion's doors so you can't enter.
-Replaced every instance of "Evergreen Terrace" left with "Evergreen Terror".
-The Grocery Store is now closed.
-The US flag inside the school has been replaced with the Springworts flag.
-The church door has been corrected.
-The KUDD sign near Cletus' house has been replaced with the KZMB sign.
-The timer to climb the wreckage in "There's Something About Monty" has been re-added, but with additional time.
-The music that should play at the Spook-E-Mart's roof has been re-added.
-The Frankenstein kid NPC has been re-added.
-The Wager Race now makes you do a full lap, including the rich side.
-The NPCs at the Power Plant are all zombies, but you'll find the occasional survivor...
-Fixed the sky texture at Burns' Office.

Finally Unblocked!

Stonespookers Stonecutters Tunnel!

The mansion's closed for security reasons...

Can you make it so that the Itchy and Scratchy's Billboard gets replaced by the Barber's College billboard?
Fantastic work on this mod! :D :)

Though, I wonder... Can this mod be a Main Mod instead, rather than save data compatible?
You can always decompile it and add it to the meta.ini Ashley