Bought 2 new copies of the game - Disks in both skip at same point in installation?

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Hi everyone,

Bought a new copy of the game and have been trying to install on Windows 10.

In the middle of the installation, I'm asked to insert Disk 2 (which I do) and it later starts skipping and asks me to insert Disk 2. It was having a problem with music000.rcf (or something like this - I can't fully remember the name). Nonetheless, I can't get any further than this.

Anyway I decided to buy another new copy of the game and am having the exact same issue. Both are Sierra Bestseller copies if that makes a difference.

Any ideas?

May I ask what is the pop-up error saying?
Also, I know there's some differences between bestsellers and other releases, though I'm not sure any of that would matter in your case.
I would suggest getting a normal one here, though saying you already bought two copies, I don't want to make you waste anymore money on this.
Please contact me on my Discord at Police Car#4790 if this keeps happening
Way back when I was using Windows 8.1, I had an issue where the installer would sometimes not properly detect Disk 2 after I inserted it and clicked 'OK'. Is that what's happening here, or does it appear as if it's just having difficulty copying over music00.rcf? I was able to fix the previously mentioned issue by running the installer again.

You could also try to create a CD image of all three Disks using something such as ImgBurn. Assuming the program is successful creating a disc image, you wouldn't have to worry about the CDs becoming scratched up any further?

Otherwise, yeah. Perhaps heed Maz's advice if it seems to be a case of really unfortunate luck and both CDs are too scratched to get the data off of them.