Operation: Think of the Children 2 - [v2.0.0]

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Hi everyone,
As most of you know, Operation Think of the Children released a while back and was entered into the tropical mod jam. As promised I'll be updating the mod slowly over the next year or so. I aim to expand the map greatly as well as add 6 new story missions, 3 street races, 1 wager race, a bonus mission, 3 purchasable vehicles, 3 new costumes, custom gags, wasps, custom FMV movies and generally polish the mod.

Why am I making a new topic?

I didn't want to update and overwrite the version of the mod entered into the mod jam, I'd like to preserve the work I accomplished in the 2 weeks and allow new members to experience the original entry.

What's new in this version so far?

As of v1.0:
  • New main menu
  • New licence screen
  • Updated the UI
  • Updated the collector card information
  • The mod is now Decompilable
**Gameplay has not changed yet!**


Developers Needed

Due to having very little time to work on the project, and Futurama hit & run being a higher priority, I've decided to reach out to the community and ask for some help. If you're interesting in assisting me then give me a message on discord. (jay_mate #8495)

Roles available include:
  • 3D Artist
  • Scripter
  • Quality assurance (Tweaking gameplay/stats/con files)
  • Musician (music/audio/dialogue)

(Members of the Donut Team are also welcome to join)

All feedback is welcome, if you've played the original entry and would like to give any feedback then please do, either here or over on discord.


Operation: Think of the Children sees you play as Moe following the events of season 9's 'Das Bus', a personal favourite episode of mine. Think of this as an epilogue, but in mod form. You can read about the episode here: Das Bus Wikipedia entry

Krusty the Clown voiced by Jayden Libran
Donut Team account
Youtube channel

Want to check out the original mod jam entry ?
Follow the link: Operation: think of the children


Download the new and improved version of OTOTC here:

Currently on v2.0.0
This is awesome and I would love to take part in the development of this mod. I am not sure for now if I would be able to really help(giving I'm working on something of my own that I'll release soon, as well as helping with two other things).
I think I might have a lot more time on my hands near the end of November.
I'm looking forward to this one! I'll make sure to contact you on Discord as soon as I get the other rock off my back.
Great! I look forward to working together.
awesome work as per usual a++++++++++ 11/10 class mod
Glad to see Mod Jam entries being developed further into a bigger scale mod. Excited to see what this evolves into.